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LCD Multifunctional Power Meter

LCD Multifunctional Power Meter



* Measuring power parameters: V, A, W, Q (Var), S (VA), PF, Hz, KWH, KQH, DM (Demand)
* THD, Harmonic (2nd~60th), Volt & Current unbalanced function available
* Internal date & time function, easily record the trends and events
* DIN case: 96 x 96 mm


 Measuring Voltage:   
 Measuring Current:         
 Measuring Hz:   
 Digital Input (DI ):     
 Relay Contact:   
 Sampling Cycle:     
 Back Up Memory:     
 Response Time:     
 Data Updated Time:
 Insulation Resis. :
 Surge Test:
 Long Time Stability:
 Baud Rate:
 Comm. Address:
 Operating Temp. :  
 Storage Temp. :
 Air Pressure:
 Power Supply:
 Display Screen:
 Power Consump. :
Rating: 40V~290V L~N /70~500V L~L
Input max. volt: Line volt 750VAC      
Overload: 2 x rating: 2500VAC/1 sec   
Measuring method: True-Rms    
I nput load: <0. 2V            
Rating: 5A, 20% of over limited
Overload: 2 x rating: 20 times/1 sec
Measuring method: True-Rms
I nput load: <0. 3VA                   
45~65HZ; Rating: 50/60HZ
Relay contact or Photocouple
Photocouple up to 400V ACRMS      
Input current: 3. 7mA﹤ I﹤ 10mA    
5A/250Vac or 5A/30Vdc
AC2. 5KV/1 min
<0. 2%/Year
Modbus RTU mode
600/1 200/2400/4800/9600/1 9200/38400
1 ~247
-25~70℃ ; 0~95%RH (non-condensing) 
-40~85℃ ; 0~90%RH (non-condensing)
86Kpa~1 06Kpa
AC 85~265V / DC 96~300V
Front panel: I EC549(I P54); Housing: I P20

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