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VFD-CT2000 Inverter Delta



VFD-CT2000 Inverter - AC Motor Drive Delta

The Delta Inverter CT2000 Series is an industrial drive designed for textile and other harsh environment applications that have a high density of dust, fiber, oil or other such substances. To prevent fiber or dust from clogging or entering the drive, the Delta Inverter CT2000 offers a fanless design for flange mount installation which is suitable for an application environment that has an air cooling duct system.

There is also a large fan design for wall mount installation that can fit all types of applications. The Delta Inverter CT2000 provides ultimate application flexibility for the textile industry.



■ Fanless design with high efficiency heat sink to prevent fiber and dust from clogging or entering the drive. No more overheating problems (*1)
■ Flange mount installation to enhance system safety and stability and provide excellent heat dissipation performance (*1)
■ Supports external fan connection (*1)
■ Wall mount installation model with a large fan (*2)
■ Deceleration Energy Backup (DEb) function for smooth motor deceleration control
■ Supports both asynchronous and synchronous motors
■ Common DC bus design
■ Enhanced drive durability using Printed Circuit Board (PCB) coating standard IEC 60721-3-3 CLASS 3C2
■ Built-in 10 K steps PLC programming capability and RS-485 with MODBUS communication for master station so there is no need for an additional host controller and communication module in the system. Constructs a simple network with high performance and effective cost.
■ Optional communication cards are available upon request

*1: For model names ending with code A or B
*2: For model names ending with code C


Deceleration Energy Backup (DEB)

The Delta Inverter CT2000 Series features a Decelerate Energy Backup (DEB) function to prevent thread or yarn breaking when a sudden power outage or abnormal operation interruption occurs. It uses the regenerative energy that is produced during braking to facilitate the motor deceleration process. It also supports a common DC bus connection to allow multiple drives to control multiple motors decelerating to a stop smoothly and synchronously at the same speed ratio which is a perfect solution for spinning machine and other applications that require synchronous deceleration control of motors via DC bus. 


Standard Model

Power Range 460 V 11~90 kW


Flange Mount
Flange mount installation for the fanless model. This design avoids fiber or dust clumping in the fan or entering the drive and prevents overheating problems.

This model is suitable for an application environment that has sufficient space for an airway for the drive. (See the below picture)

(Available for models with names ending in A or B)



Wall Mount

Larger fan design for the wall mount model to fulfill other textile application needs.
( A larger fan is available for models with names ending in C)



Modular Design

■ Various accessories options, such as I/O extension cards, encoder feedback cards, communication cards, hot plug LCD keypad, removable terminals and removable fans. 





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