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Thank Customers for visiting ETEC booth at Vietnam Supporting Industries Exhibition VSI 2016

Tuesday, 13/09/2016, 15:55 GMT+7

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Thank Customers for visiting ETEC booth at Vietnam Supporting Industries Exhibition VSI EXPO 2016


Dear Customers and Partners,

Thank Customers for visiting ETEC booth at Vietnam Supporting Industries Exhibition VSI Expo 2016 from 7th to 10th September, 2016 at SECC, Ward 7, HCMC, VN.



In this exhibition, ETEC  shows the products, solutions, demo of Delta, Graesslin and DCbox for Vietnam Supporting Industries: CNC Solution - Integrated Total Solutions for the CNC Machine Tools Industry; SCARA Robot - Smart Automation for Industry Upgrades; High-Speed Motion Control System DMCNET - High-Speed Communication Solution for Multi-Axis and Synchronous Motion Control; sensors, power meters and display; devices and applications for Smart Home...

This is an opportunity which ETEC can share new technical solutions to manage and operate the factory system. At the same time, ETEC also see it as the opportunity to meet and receive information from Customers and Partners: Footwear, textiles, Mechining, Electricity - Electronics - Telecommunications, Packaging, Rubber, Plastics... so that we can serve our customers better.

Again, thanks for choosing our products and solutions.

Yours Sincerely,




More pictures of ETEC at VSI Expo 2016:

anh_Nguyen_Viet_Toan_Giam_doc_ETEC_tiep_Chu_tich_UBND_TPHCM_Nguyen_Thanh_Phong_etecvn Chu_tich_UBND_TPHCM_Nguyen_Thanh_Phong_den_tham_hoi_co_khi_dien_tp_hcm_HAMEE_trien_lam_vsi_etecvn

Leaders of HCM City visited the exhibition

thiet_bi_ETEC_trung_bay_tai_trien_lam_etecvn khach_tham_quan_gian_hang_ETEC_tai_trien_lam_cong_nghiep_ho_tro_VSI_etecvn

ETEC's products at the exhibition 

ETEC's Customers are interested in the devices and solutions of Delta, Graesslin and DCbox

khach_quan_tam_den_HES_DElta_may_ep_nhua_tai_trien_lam_VSI_etecvn Khach_hang_quan_tam_giai_phap_CNC_Controller_va_thiet_bi_do_dem_nang_luong_DCbox_etecvn

ETEC's Customers are interested in solutions for plastic molding machines

Customers interested in CNC Controller and power meter

chuyen_gia_tu_hang_Graesslin_cung_ky_su_Etec_tu_van_khach_hang_etecvn Can_bo_nhan_vien_ETEC_tai_trien_lam_VSI_2016_etecvn

Graesslin Expert and ETEC Engineer support customers

ETEC's people at the VSI Expo 2016

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