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“SESAME MOTOR CORP.” Founded in 1990, have more than 20 years of professional motor and gearbox manufacturing and sales experience. SESAME MOTOR had acquisition and construction for about 7,000 square meters of new factory in 2009. Adding modern workshop facilities with the effective integration of ERP systems, purchase of new processing and testing equipment.

“SESAME MOTOR” is build base on spirit of “customer satisfaction, service first” philosophy, providing three services “best quality, fastest delivery, and best sale service”. Sesame’s products have obtained high market share in Taiwan, that had lead them “SESAME MOTOR” be a well-known brand. Sesame had agent, distributor set-up in South Korea, China and Southeast Asia. In addition Sesame had a branch company set up in Shanghai, China, expanding their market in Americas, Europe and the Middle East, setting a goal for globalization of services.

“SESAME MOTOR” also has a professional R & D team and experienced production-related sectors; can provide high accuracy for different customer needs; customized motor products, products with detailed-oriented, high precision, low noise, high efficiency, and good quality properties. Product development are aiming three directions “science and technology, environmental protection, and innovation”. Product will be used in tool machines, industrial robots, semiconductor devices, aircraft industrial, medical and rehabilitation equipment, electric scooter, auto storage devices, green energy-related industries, testing equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery and agricultural equipment and other sophisticated automation equipment.

SESAME has been successively obtained CE, CCC, UL, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification and honorary awards with the products:

• High Precision Planetary Gearhead
• General Purpose Motor
• Speed Controlled Motor
• Brake Motor
• Torque Motor
• Speed Reducer
• Linear Actuator
• Gear Motor


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Sales team: 0913 949 582
Technical team: 0913 949 582
Customer care center: 0913 949 582
Hotline: 0903 949 582


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