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Maintenance - Customer Care Department - Company ETEC

Thursday, 04/02/2016, 11:02 GMT+7

Maintenance - Customer Care Department - Company ETEC

ETEC Company offers the high quality maintenance service to customers. This is reflected in the standards that we build and preserve throughout 15 years.

ETEC's Maintenance - Customer Care Department is authorized and had to responsible for Warranty, Repair and Customer Care from South to North.



Maintenance - Customer Care Department ETEC Company


The Customer Service items

(1) Provide advisory services to fix equipment errors

(2) Provide advisory services to install and guide directly at the factory or via telephone

(3) Provide advisory services to select your equipment

(4) Provide Warranty - Repair Service


Our team is trained professionally from Delta Electronics. We understand the remarkable features of the Delta products and services of ETEC to answer any customer's questions, receive and process information fastest about warranty products or repair.

To serve and support our best for customer is top concern of our department. Therefore, customer service process and skill improvement, that make customer satisfied, is fundamental at Maintenance and Customer care Department.


Written : BP. Bảo trì - CSKH

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