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Machine Vision system DMV

The Delta Machine Vision (DMV) system was developed mainly for industrial automation applications on the production line, such as product quality stain inspection, exterior size measurement, finished products count, identification check and other industrial automation related processes. End users can easily manage and solve any problems occurring on the production line via the DMV’s intelligent, high speed, multitasking and user-friendly interface. The DMV features a wide range of visual inspection functions including area inspection, edge position, edge width, edge count, edge angle, stain inspection, blob inspection, pattern search, shape matching, OCV, coordinate calculation, angle calculation, trend edge, auto-alignment, coordinate search, and more. The DMV eliminates errors due to worker fatigue or carelessness, improves accuracy in assembly, and enhances overall production quality, increases quantity produced, lowers RMA rates and ultimately saves on labor costs. The DMV system not only features accurate image processing, but also supports many input and output interfaces for connecting sensors, light source flashes, camera triggers, PLC data links, and more, which can lower factory hardware installation costs. The DMV system also supports the most frequently used industrial networks, such as RS232, RS485, industrial Ethernet and IO interfaces. Users can examine data and check results by transmitting data to the controller via an extremely fast and stable system. The DMV system also provides many accessories such as cameras, lenses, light sources and more for users to build a high precision, flexible network-based machine vision system.


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