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ETEC AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has been an Authorized Distributor of Industrial Automation equipment of DELTA ELECTRONICS- IABG since 2004.

DELTA Group – Taiwan:

- Headquarter at Taoyuan ( Taiwan)
- Since the launch of Delta’s first AC motor drive in 1995.
- R&D Center at Taoyuan ( Taiwan), Tainan (Taiwan), Wujiang ( China)
- Quantity of staff: 3853 ( 398 people work in R&D department)

With our knowledge and experience in automation control, Delta has focused their expertise on "Drive, Motion and Control" which has been integrated into automation industry solutions and have developed the following types of products:

• AC motor drive/Inverter
• AC Servo Motor and Drive
• Temperature controller
• Programmable logic controller, PLC
• Human machine interface, HMI
• Timer/Counter/Tachometer
• Rotary optical encoder
• Delta High-Speed Motion Control System
• Industrial Fieldbus Solutions
• Text Panel
• Industrial Power Supply
• Pressure Sensor
• Industrial Ethernet
• Machine Vision System
• Active Front End
• Active Power Filter

Delta’s R&D teams continue researching and developing key technologies, producing innovative products in industrial automation; for example many OEM's use Delta’s automation products for processing machines used in the food industry, textile industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, metal industry and plastic industry. Delta’s automation equipment is also used in the pharmaceutical industry, printing industry, as well as for energy saving air-conditioning and water treatment facilities.

In recent years, Delta has integrated the industrial automation products, developed industrial control networks, and offered integration services to the clients around the world. Delta are a respected worldwide manufacturer, and also one of the leading brands in the industrial automation market in the Chinese region.

At present, IABU has built manufacturing facilities and professional R&D centers throughout Taiwan, China, and the US, along with sales offices and service centers deployed around the world. While striving for "quality, reliability and excellence", Delta will continue to progress in the field of industrial automation technology and enhance the quality and environment of Delta’s life with our endless pursuit of innovation.


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Technical team: 0913 949 582
Customer care center: 0913 949 582
Hotline: 0903 949 582


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