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Delta Warranty and Repair Service at Etec

Wednesday, 17/02/2016, 16:04 GMT+7


1. Procedure

Step 1: Receive Report and solve issues via phone or email

Step 2: Check the warranty and inform

Step 3: Repair, new unit replacement or on-site service and return

Step 4: Pay and issue is closed


2. Warranty

The term of limited warranty period shall commence on the delivery date from Delta or Delta region warehouse. Delta warrants that the products, in the course of its normal use, be free from defects in material, workmanship and will conform to Delta's specification, for a specific period, and this period varies by product. During the warranty period, Delta will at our sole discretion, repair or replace products that prove to be defective. Such repairs or replacement will be made at no charge to customers for parts and/or labor. Delta shall have no liability for any returned product that is determined as customer's responsibility. 

Delta's warranty applies to repaired part for the balance of the applicable period of the original warranty or 180 days from the date of shipment of the repaired product, whichever is longer. Unless otherwise provided, the sole remedy under the above warranty is limited to the repair of defective parts.



3. Limitations on Warranty

  • •    Out of warranty
  • •    Damage is attributable to accident, misuse, improper installation, improperly packaged, alter, physically damage, water, fire, acts of nature, or external causes 
  • •    Damage to a product that has been upgraded, modified or altered without Delta's permission
  • •    Counterfeit, switched or unidentified labels 


Written : BP. Bảo trì - Chăm sóc Khách hàng

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