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Delta Onsite Service at Etec Company

Wednesday, 17/02/2016, 16:33 GMT+7

1. On-site Service Procedure

Step 1: Check and troubleshooting via  phone or email

Step 2: Refer to on-site service manual and check tool box before the on-site service

Step 3: Determine the reponisibility and warranty status befor payment

Step 4: Make the payment and Close

On-site service can be only performed on products purchased through Delta authorized channels. In Vietnam, Etec is a Delta Authorized Disstributor.


2. Preface 

Delta on-site service technicians across the globe are available for dispatch on as needed basis to help troubleshoot and resolve urgent down time events,  problems effecting operations and other automation-related issues. On-site service can be only performed on products purchased through Delta authorized channels.  

3. Apply for the Service 

After receiving breakdown calls from the machine maker or end user,  local distributor/ASP analyzes and trouble-shoots failures. lf trouble-shootings don't work, the distributor completes the on-site service application form.

  • •    Model name, serial no, fault symptoms, error code,  contacts of machine maker or end user must be clear and completed. Insufficient and incorrect information will put off the service time.  
  • •    After receiving the service request, Delta confirms whether the issue can be solved with one-time on-site service. Delta has the right to turn down the service request and suggest return for repair if the repair is too complicated to be carried out at the field. 
  • •    Before the on-site service, the service applicant ensures to inform the machine maker / end user on the cost if the defective is an out-of-warranty unit of verified as customer's responsibility. Delta is liable for the service quotation and doesn't quote the machine maker/ end user


4. Charge 

Delta in-warranty service coverage:

  • •    Cost of part, replacement,  and transportation
  • •    Labor
  • •    Traveling

Limitation of Delta service coverage:

  • •    Cost arising from the travel of service applicant or machine maker. 
  • •    Cost of replacement without the agreement of Delta Global Service 
  • •    Cost arising from the down time of the end user 


Written : BP. Bảo trì - Chăm sóc Khách hàng

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