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Delta Industrial Automation (IA) participated in HVAC and R Japan 2018

, 28/04/2018, 14:34 GMT+7

Event Review: Delta IA Participates in HVAC&R Japan to Showcase High-efficiency Variable-Frequency Drives for Industry Applications


Delta Industrial Automation (IA) participated in HVAC&R Japan 2018, taking place at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba city from February 27th to March 2nd. HVAC&R Japan is the only show in Japan that showcases the most advanced refrigeration and air conditioning technologies every 2 years, attracting thousands of manufacturers from around the world. This year, Delta showcased its comprehensive solutions for variable-frequency drives such as the Compact Drive M300 Series, the Vector Control Drive C2000 Series, the Fan and Pump Drive CFP2000 Series, the Heavy Duty Vector Control Drive CH2000 Series, as well as the Widescreen Ethernet HMI DOP-100 Series for real-time data monitoring. These solutions successfully provide the air conditioning industries with high-efficiency and automated integrations, and attracted many visitors’ attention.
At the show, Delta’s exhibited products and solutions revealed high-productivity and capabilities for highly reliable variable-frequency control to meet the air conditioning and refrigeration industries’ demands. Featured solutions at HVAC&R Japan included:
Compact Drive MS300 Series / Economy Compact Drive ME300 Series: With a built-in programmable logic controller with up to 2k steps, and supporting various communication protocols including DeviceNet, Modbus TCP, and EtherNet/IP, the Compact Drives MS300 Series saves on construction costs for customers. The M300 Series adopts the STO function that allows machines to instantly shut down and reboot, achieving stable operating speed. For machine safety, this model series is certified with IP40 and NEMA1 standards that effectively reduce the chance of dust and pollutants entering inside the components, and is suitable for industry equipment used in harsh working environments such as air compressors, outdoor chiller units, and more. The best product feature of the MS300 Series is its compact exterior design that is up to 40% smaller than existing products, which allows customers to save plenty on installation space and cost.
Vector Control Drive C2000 Series / Fan and Pump Drive CFP2000 Series / Heavy Duty Vector Control Drive CH2000 Series: To meet the drive demands for air conditioning equipment, Delta’s Vector Control Drive C2000 Series along with industry-based control drives adopt modular designs for customers to easily expand and maintain under various operating environments. Delta’s Vector Control Drives, or the C Series family, are equipped with Modbus communications that provide a variety of power capacities including 230V, 460V, 575V and up to 690V, to fulfill refrigeration and air conditioning output demands. In addition, designed for heating and ventilation equipment, fan, and refrigeration systems, the IP55 Fan and Pump Drive CFP2000 Series provides large-scale fan and pump variable-frequency driving capacities, and adopts EMC filters and DC electric resistors, to efficiently reduce harmonics and improve power quality. The STO safety function and the built-in programmable logic controller’s (10k steps) command control function allow customers to achieve factory automation with enhanced equipment operation efficiency. To meet the demands of driving high-loading equipment, the Heavy Duty Vector Control Drive CH2000 Series adopts an outstanding overload capability: with 150% of rated current for 60 seconds and 200% of rated current for 3 seconds, to quickly and safely respond to large overload impact.
To apply more flexibility to refrigeration and air conditioning applications, Delta exhibited the Widescreen Ethernet HMI DOP-100 Series at the show. This human machine interface product adopts a 65,536-color TFT widescreen, and supports industrial Ethernet communication that displays real-time air conditioning operating data on the panel, providing real-time monitoring for customers.
HVAC&R Japan 2018 attracted over 25,000 visitors from the global HVAC industry. With a wide range of industrial automation products and solutions at the show, Delta successfully demonstrated high-efficiency industry applications, enhanced its brand awareness in South East Asia, and developed more potential business with global customers.

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