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Delta Articulated Robot DRV Series Wins the iF Design Award

Friday, 27/04/2018, 16:04 GMT+7

Delta’s Articulated Robot DRV Series has recently won the iF Design Award 2018! 

Delta’s Articulated Robot DRV Series has recently won the iF Design Award 2018! The DRV Series (DRV70L/DRV90L) are six-axis industrial robots designed in a white color with simple and clean streamlined curves to highlight its features of flexibility, agility, reliability and user-friendliness. At the award ceremony in March, the DRV Series stood out from the 6,402 products from 54 countries and became one of the 1,218 iF Award winners for its smart functions, elegant appearance and high quality design. 

The DRV Series was unveiled to the market in Sep. 2016, and it has since become a leading product for Delta in smart manufacturing and aesthetics. With a maximum working range of 710/900mm and maximum payload of 7kg, the DRV Series has been widely applied in light industries and has received recognition for its elegant appearance and user-friendly hardware/software. In 2017, the DRV Series also won the silver award at the 25th Taiwan Excellence Awards.


Delta Articulated Robot DRV Series Wins the iF Design Award

Mr. Andy Liu, the general manager of Delta’s IABG, pointed out that the use of industrial robots is a key factor in this era of smart manufacturing. He said, “Industrial robots are able to enhance production efficiency and flexibility, improve product quality, and reduce manpower costs, and they play a major role in smart and automated production. Our DRV Series was designed based on users’ needs for flexible, multi-tasking processing with easy-to-use hardware and software. It satisfies global customers with its functions, appearance, and quality for smart manufacturing.”


The DRV70L series completes SCARA robot function tests on Delta's production line to reduce manpower, shorten testing time, and enhance testing efficiency

The DRV Series has DRV70L and DRV90L types with different work ranges of 710mm and 900mm. Both types feature a hollow design of its robot wrist (6th axis) for neat wiring and tool replacement, and both support flexible installation at workstations or hanging upside-down according to user needs. They are easily integrated with Delta’s automation products and peripheral devices at various robot workstations. 

The DRV70L / DRV90L Series are suitable for complex processes such as insertion, screw locking, loading/unloading, inspection and more. For instance, the DRV70L Series can conduct five function tests of the SCARA robot at Delta’s Wujiang Plant with one simple click. The implementation of the DRV70L Series successfully reduces manpower, shortens testing time (from 68 min. to 18 min.) and enhances testing efficiency by 74%. In addition, this articulated robot workstation is connected to the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to provide full production traceability and enhance productivity and product quality.

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