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Tuesday, 04/12/2018, 16:15 GMT+7

Dear Valued Customer and Partners of DELTA in Vietnam market,

We - DELTA ELECTRIONICS - recently received a lot of feedback from customers in Vietnam about the damaged products, warranty processing time, technical supports… not followed up the global claim services standards that DELTA ELECTRONICS INC have regulated and applied globally. After collecting information on these responses, we have a responsibility to state the feedback and to clear the above information, to avoid confusion as follows:


1. A lot of cases of products damage which have not been supported by Delta partner in Vietnam such as repair, warranty, replacement, technical supports, replacement spare parts,…are not genuine products provided by Delta ‘s Authorized Distribution system in Vietnam market

2. We only have one distributor in Vietnam from 2014 up to now: ETEC Automation Technology Co., Ltd (ETEC Co., Ltd) who is the sole importer and distributor. All genuine DELTA products sold and retailed on the Vietnam market must be certified with Origin of Certificate (C/O), Quality of Certificate (CQ) by Delta and supplied by ETEC directly from DELTA. ETEC Co., Ltd is responsible for issuing all required documents related to the goods such as C/O, C/Q, Invoice, Packing list, Customs declaration form or Official commitment document. From the leader of ETEC on the guarantee of genuine goods.

3. We are not responsible for the quality of goods and service quality: Repair, Warranty, Replacement, technical supports, and spare parts replacement if your products are not purchased from the official DELTA distribution system in Vietnam.

4. For your benefits, we recommend contacting DELTA or ETEC Co., Ltd or authorized partners in Vietnam for the best supports in accordance with the policy issued by DELTA ELECTRONICS INC


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