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About Etec

phoi_canh_cong_ty_TNHH_Ky_Thuat_Tu_dong_Etec_1Founded in 2000, ETEC Automation Technology Co., Ltd has affirmed its position in the market and become one of the leading brands in the field of industrial automation in the Vietnam market.

Etec is an Authorized Distributor of Electronic - Industrial Automation equipment of leading corporations such as DELTA, WAGO, EUNTAY and SESAMEDCBOXGRASSLINEMAS.... in Vietnam. Etec has distributed many kinds of Industrial Automation devices in the areas – DRIVE, MOTION, CONTROL such as Inverters, Programmable  Logic Controllers_ PLC, Servo Motor and Drive, Human Machine Interface_HMI, Temperature Controllers, Terminal blocks and Connectors, I/O System, DC Motor Drives, Load cell and accessories, Gearbox for servo motor and so on. Besides, Technical services also play a important role in value chain that ETEC providing such as consulting, designing and executing of related technical services and solutions as well in manufacturing companies. Moreover, Etec is one of the pioneers in Ho Chi Minh city to exploit successfully with the energy saving solutions in plenty of manufacturing factories.

With a team of dedicated and experienced engineers and consultants. ETEC Automation Technology Co.,Ltd also affirmed once again strengths in the field of consultancy, design and execution of the technical solutions to apply many industries; especially consulting, designing and execution of energy-saving solutions that have received the attention of the majority of enterprises in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hai Phong and the Southern key economic zones. The energy saving solutions that ETEC Company has performed standard process from the stage of the 1st assessment such as measuring of the actual energy consumption ratios in the factory to the stage of installation, applying the overall solutions for system and calculating energy consumption level after using and Return of investment which has satisfied the customers’ requirements.

People are the key factor in the enterprise’s sustainable development, ETEC has made budget for  training plan abroad with the hope to improve the employees’ knowledge and skills at domestic prestigious center. Besides, ETEC always pay attention to employees’ lives through annually performing the travelling tours for the employees which is under the governmental regulations of the Labor policies.

To meet market demand, since 2010, apart from the headquarter at the Hochiminh city, ETEC also has open the branch in Hanoi and distribution network, business partners from the Southern to the Northern.

ETEC is now an official member of the prestigious organizations such as HCM Young Business Association (YBA), Tan Phu Business Association, member of the Executive Committee of HCMC Science - Technology (STAA), members of HCM Automation Enterprise Associates, members of Vietnamese Brand Communication Network, ... In addition, ETEC has also honored to receive certificates of many agencies, departments and the central and at HCMC.

ETEC Automation Technology Co.,Ltd aims to become one of the top 3 trusted and quality brands in the automation field as a prestigious Industrial Automation devices supplier and factory automation and energy saving solutions in  the Vietnam market.




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